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Located in Correggio, considered everywhere the homeland of Automotive Equipment, TECO s.r.l. design and manufactures a wide range of products dedicated to the wheel care of motorcycles, cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks.

The company began manufacturing components for the Automotive Equipment Industry in 1985 under a different brand name. Coherently with the real ambition of the management, in 1990 the company changed its name to TECO and succeeded in putting on the market three models entirely designed by its technical staff: two tire changers and a wheel balancer. Nowadays TECO can boast of a product range composed of over 40 models and a total production volume of over 5.500 units per year.

Teco Value Proposition

To meet the expectations of customers and end-users, the policy of the company is based on the following guidelines:

As a result of this strategy, TECO has witnessed from 2001 a 15% annual increment in its turnover with an average export share stabilized at 75% and, in 2006, has won the second edition of the competition "Innovation for the Internationalization". This prize is yearly awarded by the Industry Association and Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia to the company which has increased more its export turnover thanks to its ability to develop and implement innovative products.

Products Conceived For Industry Professionals

Specifically conceived for industry professionals, such as body repair shops, fleet maintenance companies and tire shops, the TECO product range, which adopts many patented technical solutions, follows these basic strategic guidelines of development: 
(1) improvement of operational methodologies on existing machines, (2) adoption of innovative technical solutions for "new generation" products, (3) implementation of auxiliary devices for the maintenance of "new generation" tires in cooperation with Michelin, Bridgestone and Pirelli R&D departments, (4) development of other new products as range complement (i.e. nitrogen generators / miscellaneous).

A Worldwide Company

Present in all the continents with a capillary network of over 120 dealers, TECO has always concentrated its efforts on export where the 75% of its production is dedicated. To promote its products on international markets, TECO takes part to the main world exhibitions in the automotive field such as Bologna, Frankfurt, Paris and Essen.