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Pre-Owned Equipment Available


Professional Automotive Service

Two Post Lift   Two-Post
Asymmetrical and symmetrical lifts
  Smartlift   Inground SmartLifts®
Single and two-post inground lifts - Solutions for a Smarter Facility!
Four Post Lift Four-Post
Closed and open front design
Low Rise Lift   Low-Rise
Pad contact low-rise lift

Commercial Truck and Transit

Inground Lift Modular and Environmentally Safe Inground
Features a containment style housing and multistage jacks for less expensive installation
Parallelogram   Parallelogram
Clear floor platform lifts
Inground Lift Inground
Conventional heavy-duty inground lift system
Portable Lift   Hydraulic Portable
Productive, flexible, and easy to use for commercial vehicle repairs
Two Post Lift Two-Post
Capacities up to 18,000 lbs.
Four Post Lift   Four-Post
Accommodates a wide range of vehicles with a proven design.
Pit Lift Floor Running Pit Lifts
Free moving and rail mounted
Susp Pit Lift   Suspended Pit Lifts Productivity solutions

Enthusiast and Residential

Four Post Lift Four-Post
The perfect storage and maintenance tool for the home garage

Productivity Tools and Equipment

Productivity Jack Productivity Jacks
For transmissions, gas tanks, rear ends, exhaust, etc.
Wheel Lift   Mobile Wheel Lift
Easily position wheels with this battery operated lift
Tools Productivity Tools and Equipment 
For professional automotive service applications
Truck Tools   Productivity tools and equipment 
For commercial truck and transit applications
Special Tools Dedicated OE Special Tools and Equipment
Special tools designed for specific applications that are approved for use by various vehicle manufactures
Rotary Logo   Rotary Genuine Parts
From your local Rotary Authorized Installer or Distributor